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Company Information

Is Aeolus a new company? We've got a long history in China, beginning as a maker of heavy-duty and off-road tires for trucks and earth-moving equipment. Aeolus is known in North America for its manufacturing expertise in this arena. Our company has steadily expanded its focus, and in 2013, Aeolus introduced a broad line of passenger and light duty truck tires into the U.S. market.

Aeolus is a rapidly growing Chinese tire brand with sales that approached $1.6 billion in 2011. Our global marketing footprint includes selling Aeolus branded products to over 140 countries, with focus in Europe, Latin America and North America. With the addition of our new contemporary factory, Aeolus will be positioned to distribute an estimated additional 5 million tires by 2015.

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    How long has Aeolus been making tires?

    We've been in the business since 1965 — nearly half a century.

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    Where are Aeolus tires made?

    Our products are made in China, where we’ve earned the distinction of being the first 100% environmentally friendly Chinese tire manufacturer. We have received ISO9001 and ISO9002 quality management certifications. Because of the high quality raw materials used in Aeolus tires, Aeolus is the only Chinese tire company that does not require complete government inspection of all their products prior to shipping.

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    How many warehouses do you currently have?

    Aeolus does not have Aeolus-owned warehouses in the U.S., but distributes products through regional tire distributors.

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    Where can I find Aeolus tires?

    Our tires are being introduced to more and more distributors and retailers each day. To locate where Aeolus products are available, visit our contact page.

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    Why does your parent company spell "tires" with a "y"?

    Our parent, Aeolus Tyre Company, is based in China, and uses "tyre" in its name because that is the preferred English spelling used outside of North America.


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    Does Aeolus make winter tires?

    Yes, Aeolus carries a variety of all-weather replacement tires.

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    Does Aeolus make CUV/SUV tires?

    Yes, Aeolus makes a range of passenger and light duty truck tires, commonly used for CUV and SUVs. A full line of CUV-tuned products will be introduced in the last half of 2014.

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    How do I purchase Aeolus tires?

    Ask your local retailer and submit an inquiry through our contact form. We'll be adding "find a retailer" functionality to this website soon. Thanks for your patience.

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    Why are eco friendly tires better?

    There are a variety of attributes that make Aeolus products environmentally preferable. The materials we use to produce our tires contain no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are harmful to the environment (PAHs oils). Our tires are manufactured in such a way that there is no environmental impact — no particulate or hazardous chemical emissions. There are also attributes built into many of our tires that can improve vehicle performance, thereby lessening environmental impact.

Dealers & Distributors

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    Do you offer a full line in the U.S.?

    Aeolus currently offers tire distributors and tire retailers a range of the most commonly sought after PCR, LTR, TBR and OTR products. Our partners can cover the majority of the North American marketplace with the OEM replacement tires we bring to the market.

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    How do I become an Aeolus dealer?

    Partnership is only a click or phone call away. Contact us.

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    How do I become an Aeolus distributor?

    Partnership is only a click or phone call away. Contact us.


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    What kind of warranty do you offer on your tires?

    Full information can be found in our warranty description or contact your local retailer.

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    Who do I contact for warranty questions and/or submissions?

    Aeolus provides a warranty on their products. Contact your local retailer if you have additional questions.